Inspiring Nature – Magic Colours Of The Wicklow Way, Part Four

Although we always went off the main track and took the scenic route most of the time, our walking distances on the first three days were only averaged 20 kilometers per day. This was about to change.On the fourth and fifth day we had to walk around 60 kilometers altogether.

After a rainy third day the fourth day looked very promising. The first half of the actual way looked very predictable to us on the map so we decided to head down to the beautiful beach of Lough Dan. This is were we were rewarded with this stunning scenery.

From there we went further up the Inchavore River which we had to cross in order to get back to the Wicklow Way. Because of the heavy rain on the previous day the water level was high and the current very strong. After about 2 kilometers we found a passable way through the river.

On the other side we had to face our next challenge: bog and jungle-like vegetation. After we got through this very wet area we climbed over rocks to reach the peak of Knocknacloghoge with a stunning view.

Descending wasn’t as easy as it looked from the top as we had to fight our way through three meter high and overgrown fern. We arrived at the bottom of Lough Dan where we had to cross Cloghoge River. In comparison to the previous one it was a piece of cake.

After ascending through Ballinrush we met the Wicklow Way again which led us all the way up to the highest summit of our tour: Djouce Mountain. On the way up we heard a rumbling noise coming from the Wicklow Mountains towards us. More rain was coming. The great thing about it was that we were blessed to be eye witnesses of a double rainbow on our way down to Powerscourt Waterfalls.

We definitely miscalculated the amount of time it would take us to get from our starting point at Lough Dan House to our destination in Coolakay. So after a beautiful sunset we arrived in total darkness at Coolakay House at around 10pm.

Inspiring Nature – Magic Colours Of The Wicklow Way, Part One

Good Mornings,

in August 2015 I went to walk the Wicklow Way from Iron Bridge to Dublin with Markus, a friend from Germany. If you start in Iron Bridge you will be walking 5/7 of the entire way.

My wife gave us a lift to Iron Bridge on a Sunday Morning and we started our trip at 10:00 am with light drizzle and a feeling that this is going to be a beautiful and exciting trip.

We were well equipped so the rain didn’t bother us at all. After a very steep beginning through forest we arrived at a hut, which at that time didn’t catch our attention.

At the beginning it wasn’t easy to leave reality behind and become one with the surroundings. But soon nature revealed its ancient face and some amazing colours.

We continued our ascent and reached the top of the first mountain pretty soon.

We took a small detour to explore the regional forest and the boggy landscape before we arrived in the valley of Glenmalure where we stayed for the night.

…to be continued…

Avoidable Inevitability

My song ‘Avoidable Inevitability’ is now available. Download here on

MBQ – Live at CFCP, 19.09.2014, 10pm – Culture Night

MBQ (Mathias Baumann Quartet) play original Jazz compositions blending traditional styles with a modern sounds. On Dublin’s Culture Night 2014 the quartet will give a preview of the upcoming album release ‘Expectations’. The original compositions on their debut record let the listener travel through the history of traditional Jazz sounds. Influenced by great composers such as Wayne Shorter, Thelonius Monk, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Kenny Burrell and Art Blakey the music features different styles from Blues over Bebop to Hardbop and contemporary modal sounds.

Mathias Baumann (guitar), Darragh Hennessy (piano), Bazz Rycraft (double bass), Brendan Doherty (drums).

Date: 19/09/2014
Time: 10:30 pm
Admission: Free
Venue info:
Address & Contact: 15 Pembroke Street Lower, Dublin 2, phone: +353 (0)1 7995416, email:

Last Night’s Gig

Good Mornings,

thanks for coming to the gig last night on ‘The Boat’. I am really happy to have shared the music with Josh once more since he will be leaving Ireland soon. It is a great experience to say good bye by playing music together. But I’m sure we will be playing together again!

Just wanted to mention a great thing that happened after the gig: A guy from the audience came to us and thanked us for the music. We really enjoyed the gig and it is nice to hear that people got what they came for. Thank YOU for your appreciation.

Recording Sessions MBQ

I have been in the studio last week to record the second batch of tunes for my first album with my Quartet (MBQ). It was a great session and I realised how patient and generous you have to be with one another when you record a Jazz album.

In this project it takes four musicians to create something meaningful which feels good…Image

When we were recording we were always going for another take and another one because we thought we can do it better and better again. At the end of the day we were all exhausted. Listening back a few days later showed that the first two takes were usually the best ones.

The best thing of all is that the album is finished now. All that is left to do is mixing, mastering and the manufacturing process. The release will be in the second half of 2014. i am really excited about this and very thankful for Darragh’s, Barry’s and Satya’s great work and musicianship. Thanks guys!