Avoidable Inevitability

My song ‘Avoidable Inevitability’ is now available. Download here on Bandcamp.com

idir – Group Ego Trip 1

After meeting in Ireland, a group of cross disciplinary artists have joined together to form  the collaboration known as ‘idir.’  With their name taken from the Gaelic word for ‘between’ the group is an exciting collaboration between artists, between cultures, between countries and continents.

The intercultural group features a multitalented group of individuals with a breadth of work in performance, painting, photography, sculpture, visual arts and music.

The diverse group have been invited by New York Foundation For the Arts to tour their work to DUMBO.  The exhibition entitled ‘Group Ego Trip’ will open on October 9 and will continue for four months at the New York location until January 30th 2015.

Group Ego Trip, curated by David C. Terry will be exhibited at 20 Jay Street, 7th Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201.  Further information on the artists involved in the collective can be found on their website www.idirart.com.