Inspiring Nature – Magic Colours Of The Wicklow Way, Part One

Good Mornings,

in August 2015 I went to walk the Wicklow Way from Iron Bridge to Dublin with Markus, a friend from Germany. If you start in Iron Bridge you will be walking 5/7 of the entire way.

My wife gave us a lift to Iron Bridge on a Sunday Morning and we started our trip at 10:00 am with light drizzle and a feeling that this is going to be a beautiful and exciting trip.

We were well equipped so the rain didn’t bother us at all. After a very steep beginning through forest we arrived at a hut, which at that time didn’t catch our attention.

At the beginning it wasn’t easy to leave reality behind and become one with the surroundings. But soon nature revealed its ancient face and some amazing colours.

We continued our ascent and reached the top of the first mountain pretty soon.

We took a small detour to explore the regional forest and the boggy landscape before we arrived in the valley of Glenmalure where we stayed for the night.

…to be continued…


Germany – June 2015

We left Dublin with all our gear in the afternoon on the 11th June and arrived in Frankfurt at sun set. In the baggage hall we checked if our instruments are ok after which we picked up our van to head for Nassau, my home town, where we enjoyed a very pleasant evening with a fire and some beverages…

Arrival in Frankfurt

The next day we drove to Koblenz which is about 30 km away from Nassau, and set up on stage of the amazing venue called ‘Schloss Koblenz’.

Schloss Koblenz

In the afternoon we performed some Jazz with my band ‘Mathias Baumann Quartet’ and in the evening we played a Funk, Disco and Soul gig with ‘Funkalicious Disconnection’.

Amy Kelly – Vocals, Abel Benito – Drums, Baz Rycraft – Bass, Judith Font – Keyboard, Mathias Baumann – Guitar.

After the gig we went back to Nassau and “chilled out” until sunrise. The following morning we decided to hiked to the neighbour village ‘Obernhof’ through Nassau’s forests where we were able to enjoy stunning views of the Lahn valley. We finished our short trip with a wine tasting and some local food platters. On the way back to Dublin we were eye witnesses to one of the most stunning sun sets I have ever seen from a plane. The best thing: I have captured the entire scene on video. Now I am really happy to being able to show it to you soon in one of my music videos for my upcoming album ‘The World Is Coming Together. Until then, enjoy the picture…

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Mathias Baumann Quartet – Expectations, Artwork Survey

Good Mornings again and happy Monday.
Tomorrow I am meeting with the graphic designer for my upcoming album ‘Expectations’ with the Mathias Baumann Quartet. We will be doing an interview in which I will ask questions about her artwork. Is there anything you would like to know from Sarah Bracken? Please let me know by commenting to this post. Thanks.
Here is a first draft of the album cover:

Mathias Baumann Quartet - Expectations,

Avoidable Inevitability

My song ‘Avoidable Inevitability’ is now available. Download here on