Bio: Dublin based guitarist Mathias Baumann is originally from Nassau, Germany and moved to Ireland in 2005. With more than 15 years of gig and band experience in different countries he has been working in Dublin as a session guitarist, composer, producer and guitar teacher for the last seven years. Mathias studied Jazz at Blackrock’s Newpark Music Centre and finished his degree as a ‘Bachelor Of Arts In Jazz Performance’. He is currently working with his own bands ‘Mathias Baumann Quartet’ and ‘Mathias Baumann Group’. As a composer Mathias always searches for new harmonic and rhythmic textures with interesting melodic movement and powerful grooves. Extended arrangements are complimented by open improvisations so that interaction between the band members always drives his songs to new horizons. Artist Statement ‘Over the last 20 years I have gathered a lot of experience in playing with different bands and musicians of various musical genres. I have always been exploring new rhythmic, harmonic, as well as stylistic ways to express my own way of playing and writing music. ‘The World Is Coming Together’ is the result of a growing international community in Ireland of which I am also part of. In my project this is reflected in mainly two ways: Firstly, the multi-cultural mix in my group which features musicians from Ireland, Spain, Romania, the Czech Republic and Germany; and secondly, an interdisciplinary musical approach of combining improvised contemporary Jazz, Classical music, Rock riffs and Turkish rhythms in my compositions.’

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