Inspiring Nature – Magic Colours Of The Wicklow Way, Part Three

Our third day started with light drizzle in Glendalough valley. Again we had to begin with a steep uphill walk which lead us to Brusher’s Gap Hut just after Paddock Hill.


The rain intensified on the way up so we were very happy to find shelter in the hut where we stayed for probably two hours. During that time we met other walkers who joined us for a short break from the rain. As we had to reach our destination in Oldbridge we had to leave the last hut on the way.

We walked through this beautiful forest before we reached Lough Dan House just before sunset. And because the rain and the clouds disappeared we decided to go to the top of the hill first to catch some sunlight.

At Lough Dan house we were served a delicious home-made three course dinner, had a bottle of wine in front of the fire and a nice chat with the other residents in the house.

…to be continued…